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Thomas Woolley

He works at University of Oxford
He tweets from @ThomasEWoolley

Watch his 2015 talk: "Mighty Morphogenesis, or how the fish got is spots"

Thomas Woolley

Thomas Woolley has been doing mathematics at University of Oxford since 2004 and now specialises in mathematical biology as a Junior Research Fellow at St John’s College. His doctorate focused on the applications of Turing’s patterning theory to biology, but now he researches mathematical models of stem cells movement. The hope is that by understanding how stem cells move we can influence them and, thus, speed up the healing process.

When not doing mathematics he is a keen participant in mathematical outreach workshops and has given a variety of popular maths lectures nationally and internationally. He has previously worked for the BBC, illustrated Marcus du Sautoy’s book and he recently worked on the popular maths show “Dara O’Briains school of hard sums”. He is currently the Fellow of Modern Mathematics at the London Science Museum and is helping redesign their mathematics gallery.

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Dannie-Lu Carr is an Acting & Business Performance Coach, Writer, Artistic Director and Actor. She has worked in her multi-disciplined career for 19 years. Her book, Brilliant Assertiveness, was published in 2012 and her film, Things To Remember, is due for public release in 2015.

Having been engaged by many forms of specialisms, working with practitioners across the whole artistic spectrum, Dannie firmly believes we need a reorientation for the way we understand, nurture and engage with Craft, Culture and Creativity. A move away from ‘Hypercycling’, and a firm refocussing onto the private process and internal driven journeys is crucial.

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