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Dr Matt Ridley

He works at Rational Optimist
He tweets from @mattwridley

Watch his 2014 talk: "Evolution of The Cloud"

Dr Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley is the author of The Rational Optimist. He writes books about genes, evolution, economics, environment and human society. He also writes a weekly column in the Times, and sits in the House of Lords.

Matt’s ‘Idea Worth Sharing’ is that the explosion of human achievement after 150,000 years, was not caused by something that happened inside our heads, but by what happened between our brains – in the cloud.

More videos? How about Martin Owen?

Martin Owen is fascinated by taking an idea from fragile birth until it can be transmitted to, and adopted by, others. And he should know; he has had some pretty big ideas adopted within large organisations. His pioneering work on the application of automated parallel experimentation technologies within Chemical Development - building robots to perform process chemistry - completely changed the way the pharmaceutical industry went about process development.

Are there risks risks involved in promoting such radical ideas? Sure there is! Especially with new technologies. Martin talks about the importance of people in bringing about change and introducing new technologies. He talks about his own approach to risk.

Martin started his working life as a medicinal chemist, later becoming a senior scientist in chemical development. A life-changing experience in 1993 changed Martin’s attitude to risk completely, when trekking in Nepal to Kanchenjunga North and South base camps – their group was arrested twice and one person had to be helicoptered out.

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