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Joanna Montgomery

She works at Little Riot
She tweets from @joannasaurusrex

Watch her 2015 talk: "Strength in Numbers"

Joanna Montgomery

Joanna Montgomery was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2010 she completed a First Class BSC(Hons) in Digital Interaction Design from Dundee University.

Upon graduating, she started her company, Little Riot, to develop a product called Pillow Talk. In the last few years, the company has grown from strength to strength, securing vast amounts of funding and winning several awards. Given her incredible journey so far, she is keen to encourage others in the same way she has been (and continues to be) helped through her time as a start-up. She regularly speaks at enterprise events and universities and loves to meet other people who are also going against the grain.

She is a creative thinker; who likes to push boundaries and explore new things. She has travelled extensively including backpacking around parts of Asia, Australia, the USA and Canada. In her free time she enjoys sailing, windsurfing, climbing and horse riding.

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