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Jess Gillam

Watch his 2014 talk: "Searching saxophone"

Jess Gillam

Jess Gillam is a charming 15-year-old saxophonist from Cumbria and was named one of the shortlisted musicians in the 2014 BBC Young Musician of the Year competition. She was awarded a scholarship from Award for Young Musicians, a London music charity, as ‘the best young musician in the North West’. Jess uses this support to allow her participation in the Junior Royal Northern College of Music (JRNCM), where she studies saxophone and piano.

Jess runs her own concert series in Ulverston where the line-up this year includes Snake Davis – the most prolific session saxophonist of the last 25 years – and Courtney Pine – Britain’s most famous saxophone player. She is also set to play with music legend Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra this summer in Carlisle.

Jess became the youngest ever endorsee for Yanagisawa saxophones when she was aged 13.

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Janet Eyre is Professor of Paediatric Neuroscience at the Department of Child Heath in the Royal Victoria Hospital. Janet is fascinated by the plasticity of the human brain and its ability to repair itself following stroke or head injury. Her research team have used their knowledge of brain neurophysiology to leverage the new gaming technologies - creating effective rehabilitation programmes for stroke patients. In this talk, Janet shares with us her journey in research and describes how she stumbled into business - setting up a company “EMVigR Ltd” and is currently re-purposing this technology for other rehabilitation programmes.

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