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Prof Janet Eyre

She works at Newcastle University

Watch her 2014 talk: "Brains, gaming technology & rehabilitation"

Prof Janet Eyre

Janet Eyre is Professor of Paediatric Neuroscience at the Department of Child Heath in the Royal Victoria Hospital. Janet is fascinated by the plasticity of the human brain and its ability to repair itself following stroke or head injury. Her research team have used their knowledge of brain neurophysiology to leverage the new gaming technologies - creating effective rehabilitation programmes for stroke patients. In this talk, Janet shares with us her journey in research and describes how she stumbled into business - setting up a company “EMVigR Ltd” and is currently re-purposing this technology for other rehabilitation programmes.

More videos? How about Jambo Truong?

Jambo Truong is an eternal student of yoga, which is why he is a master teacher and has been invited to become a Forrest Yoga Guardian. He has also trained in Ayurveda, Classical Oriental medicine and coaching. He also holds a degree in BSc(Hons) Integrated Health: Complementary Medicine. His yoga company emphasises the foundations of Forrest Yoga functional anatomy, practitioner/teacher development and community contribution. His team of trained specialists are leading in yoga therapy for trauma, chronic pain and addiction.

Aside from using yoga to fundraise for charities, Jambo has been involved in research projects with the University of Cape Town and Northumbria on the benefits of yoga for Heart Rate Variability and with Newcastle University on the effect of breathing meditations on amygdala response. In Newcastle upon Tyne he has developed the evidence-based practice of complementary therapies for drug & alcohol and blood borne virus services.

Profits of Jambo Yoga go towards developing outreach work, working with various at-risk communities, bringing them back into mainstream society and creating sustainable income for everybody involved. Jambo’s business model allows graduates of his yoga programmes to mentor new scholarship students, thus growing the community of trained practitioners at a lower cost for those in need. He is one of the founders of The Yoga Station a yoga charity in Whitely Bay.

Jambo is widely known for his enthusiasm and infectious energy. His mantra is ‘Risk Being Great’.

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