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Annie Russel

She works at Newcastle University
She tweets from @Annie__Russell

Watch her 2014 talk: "How Kids Thrive"

Annie Russel

Annie Russell teaches Marine Biology to students from 5 to 18 years old as the Marine Education Officer at Newcastle University’s Dove Marine Laboratory in the School of Marine Science & Technology. Her particular interest is in developing a regional maritime curriculum. She is a keen diver and – though she trained as a marine biologist – after her degree she spent several years traveling the world and working as a PADI Diving Instructor and a Commercial diver. This was followed by a stint as a secondary school science teacher before starting her current role five years ago.

Through her interactions with school groups and the Dove Marine Laboratory Summer schools, and direct experience of the Northumberland coastal ecosystem, Annie continues to develop a regional maritime curriculum which is real, relevant and appropriate.

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